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The BumpyBoard® is an
associative learning tool that
has multi-sensory capabilities.

It is designed primarily to develop sound/symbol
 associations and increase new neuropathways
for individuals with language learning difficulties.

Watch the video above for a quick over view about the BumpyBoard® and then visit
our “Product” page to learn more on
how the BumpyBoard® works.

Multi-Sensory Made Easy!

In this fast-moving age of information, children who have language learning challenges are even more at risk of being left behind. The demands at school are growing, while the popularity of online social networking places additional pressures on them to read, write and express themselves.

Those who can’t keep up with their peers become frustrated, feel ostracized, a heartbreaking state-of-mind for youngsters to experience during their most formative years.

BumpyBoard® can help. With a textured surface on one side, Bumpyboard® enables children to touch and feel the letters or words they are learning, stimulating their senses and increasing their ability to remember.

The BumpyBoard® is based on a teaching method called VAK-T, which is short for Visual-Auditory-Kinesthetic-Tactile. The VAK-T method of teaching helps children who have learning challenges or dyslexia retain information using multiple senses.

The VAK-T method is proven to help children, teenagers and adults achieve a higher level of language skills by seeing, hearing, saying, moving and feeling.

The BumpyBoard® provides a straightforward, affordable way for parents, teachers and tutors to help children overcome learning challenges, embrace language skills and flourish with confidence.

Plus, it’s clean and it’s green! The BumpyBoard® is easily washed, reusable and virtually indestructible, eliminating waste and preserving the environment.

The BumpyBoard® is a useful
learning tool, no matter what age,
stage or grade you are in!